Big Brother Vip Marco Bellavia comes out the case on

Big Brother Vip, Marco Bellavia comes out: the case on Twitter Adnkronos

“You must pay for this horror, justice for Marco and for all who suffer the same things but are invisible.” The web unanimously sides with the competitor of the house of Big Brother Vip Marco Bellavia and compactly defends the former conductor of “Bim Bum Bam”, published in recent days by the most spied house in Italy and jumping into the #iostoconBellavia is becoming a hashtag trend.

Suffering from depression, as he himself has repeatedly said, Bellavia couldn’t stand the pressures from within the house, and now hundreds of netizens blame some of its competitors for pushing him to leave the company. “If you really knew what you did, you would have to take your four rags, pack up and spontaneously walk out the red door,” writes one user.

“We understood you and your message came through even louder and clearer than you wanted! Thank you Marco!” is the encouragement of another. In particular, the internet takes on a few phrases from Gegia, Giovanni Ciacci, Charlie Gnocchi, Ginevra Lamborghini and Wilma Goich, who would have urged Bellavia to leave. “How much ignorance, that’s bullying and discrimination,” interjects an Internet user. Which others immediately follow: “Signorini should announce the disqualification tomorrow, we cannot accept the unacceptable.” All that remains is to wait for tomorrow’s episode to find out what will happen.