Big Brother Vip ex Vippona vs Daniele Dal Moro quotDid

Big Brother Vip, ex Vippona vs Daniele Dal Moro: "Did he cheat on me, Martina and Oriana? He doesn’t care about anyone"

Daniele Dal Moro finds himself in the crosshairs of a former competitor of the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip.

Elenoire Ferruzzi was one of the protagonists of the seventh edition of Big Brother VIP. As a guest at CasaChi, the web format of Sophie Codegoni’s well-known weekly magazine, the former competitor took stock of his experiences in the company and started a Poison arrow at Daniele Dal Moro.

Elenoire Ferruzzi’s dig at Daniele Dal Moro

Elenoire Ferruzzi She returned to talk about her journey Big Brother VIP. Path also marked by special relationship born with Daniele dal Moroat the moment split between his ex-girlfriend Martina Nasoni and Oriana Marzoli. About this triangle discussed, the former competitor of reality show confessed:

Basically, he doesn’t care about anyone. Neither Martina nor Oriana. A person who does not love himself cannot love another person. You saw the reactions he has with women, it was really tough with Martina. Daniele has the bad habit of being very fond of you with his sweet and loving nature. You approach him because you want to help him in some way. It is pleasant. He fooled me too. I have suffered a lot. A lot for him. He cheated on me. he used me I really loved him. He doesn’t, although he says he doesn’t.

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There Ferruzzi he also admitted that She would love to return to Casa del Gf Vip:

I would definitely come back again. As soon as you enter the house, you live in a way as a person deprived of primary affections. In my case my mother. This thing was a big stress for me. If I had to go back now, I would face a very different path, whether it could be a week or ten days. I’m sure I would enjoy and entertain. Now I understand the mechanics.

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