Big Brother VIP earthquake ‘everything postponed’, hopeless situation: “Overwhelmed by competition”.  The reasons for the postponement

Big Brother VIP earthquake ‘everything postponed’, hopeless situation: “Overwhelmed by competition”. The reasons for the postponement

Big Brother VIP will be postponed, but when? The reasons for the election leave no room for hope.

Big Brother VIP is postponed due to “force majeure”.. The decision has not yet been made officially, but there should be more news about the start date of the new edition by the end of August.

The next will be the seventh and he will always lead the broadcast: Alfonso Signorini. The presenter and journalist did not want to reveal cast members who we will see next fall, but he publishes clues on social networks to increase public curiosity.

Big Brother VIP

There are currently only four confirmed names: Giovanni Ciacciannounced on Chi directly by Signorini, Chadia Rodriguez, Antonio Spinalbese and George Ciupilan. The conductor also remains a mystery when it comes to the other names, and one of the reasons is not just the excitement: the postponement of the date for the start of Big Brother VIP could change the list of participants right up to the end.

The public keeps trying to guess the names and the last one would be Pamela Prati. However, Signorini denied his presence at the GF Vip. “No, my nail polish hint didn’t apply to her!” he explained. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I want to make a clarification. If you’re asking me if Pamela will be in Big Brother Vip 7, I can tell you a little fire. But this polish wasn’t about her. Will you also see Ginevra Lamborghini? There is shooting here too. Antonio Spinalbese? And what boxes! Well, I’ve already answered you with that. But I can tell you that the really big beasts haven’t arrived yet. In this cast there will be several bombs that you will see.

Big Brother VIP

In short, next autumn is expected to be an edition full of surprises. However, things aren’t going as smoothly as Signorini expected: The launch of the Big Brother VIP will almost certainly be postponed.

Big Brother VIP, a shaky start

The audience of the GF VIP was used to starting the new episodes of the Mediaset reality show in September, but has to deal with a little stutter this year. In fact, it’s possible that the program has slipped in October for political reasons.

With the government overthrown and elections scheduled for September 25, Mediaset has decided to “free” the schedule to make room Talk shows and political programsto accompany the Italians until the vote and to analyze the political situation in Italy.

Big Brother VIP

The manufacturers of the GF VIP are convinced that the gearbox would not be dominated by the competition, but the decision now seems to have been made. So more room for politics; then it will follow the participants of the house all autumn and winter. Meanwhile, more confirmations and revelations are expected.