Big Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini makes his move: chaos erupts on social media!

Big Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini makes his move: chaos erupts on social media!

The new clue posted by Alfonso Signorini on Instagram wreaks havoc among fans of Big Brother Vip.

It will land in September, in prime time channel 5the seventh edition of Big brother VIP and Alfonso Signorini one thing was clear: the complete cast would only be announced a few hours in advance in order to keep the fans of the show on their toes and to preserve the element of surprise. Nevertheless, the moderator continues to cast Hints on social networks, the latter of which has wreaked havoc among users.

Big Brother Vip, clues to the new competitor: who is it?

The official debut of the seventh edition of the Big brother VIPwhich returns in September on channel 5 in the early evening, with the direction of Alfonso Signorini and the participation of Orietta Bertie and Sonja Bruganelli as commentators. The moderator has decided to keep secret the identities of the Vippons who will go through the red door Since you need itto intrigue fans of the reality show even more and not spoil the surprise.

Surely there will be Giovanni Ciaccithe only competitor that has already been announced during negotiations with Pamela Pratistopped by the disputes with some Mediaset personalities over the Mark Caltagirone affair and by Antonino spinal broombalancing between the possibility of acceptance and total disapproval from his ex Belen Rodriguez. While that’s rumored Fariba Teherani is in contact with Signorinieager to be a part of GF VIP with the blessing of his daughter Giulia Salemi, Men’s shared further Instagram a new clue.

This time it’s one chef hat that it would belong to someone willing to cook “yummy lunches” at home. As always the manhunt has been unleashed as the small screen has been invaded by star chefs and popular chefs in recent years, the search is not easy but according to Amedeo Venza the number one suspect would be Simon Rugiati. He has not commented on the news and further confirmations are awaited.

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