Big Brother Brasil How did the winners spend the reality

Big Brother Brasil: How did the winners spend the reality award?

Boninho confirmed the price change in value in a new edition of the programme

Big Brother Brasil 23 will premiere on the 16th of this month and reality director Boninho has already announced that the value of the program award will change. The amount, which used to be R$1.5 million, now increases in proportion to the number of walls the winner can escape.

Inside the house, players will know how much money they collect, but it is not yet known if controlling the amount will appear in the interaction panel and darling.

In the first edition of the program, the prize was R$500,000 and the popularization of reality brought it to R$1.5 million. The champions who took home the jackpot have already revealed how they used the value, naming investments, savings and purchases.

Reality winners talk about how they spent their prize

Reality winners talk about how they spent their prize

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Glue Bambam

The first BBB champion won BRL 500,000 and used the funds to buy a property, invest in the real estate market and purchase a luxury car. Kleber is currently a digital influencer in the fitness sector and bodybuilder.


The winner of Issue 3 of the program also won BRL500,000 which he invested in real estate and land. Dhomini is currently an influencer and lectures on entrepreneurship.

Jean Wylys

The first, who received R$ 1 million, bought real estate with the money and invested the other part. Jean Wyllys was elected Federal MP for PSOL and served two terms after reelection. He is currently associated with PT.

Maria Melilo

He won R$1.5 million in the 11th edition of Big Brother Basil. Maria used the prize to make investments and buy real estate.

Fernanda Keule

The presenter won the 2013 edition and decided to invest the money in the family. In an interview with ‘Altas Horas’, Fernanda explained that she helped her father and sister and didn’t even see the prize money.

Paula von Sperling

The Big Brother Brasil 19 winner confirmed that she used the R$1.5 million amount to pay off the family’s debts and invest the rest.

To see the full list and see how other BBB champions have spent their prize pool, watch the video above.

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