Joe Bidens son has been charged with illegal gun possession

Biden’s son sues former Trump lawyer over hacking

US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter filed a lawsuit in federal court on Tuesday against Rudy Giuliani, a former lawyer for his father’s predecessor Donald Trump and another lawyer, for hacking computer data.

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Legal concerns are mounting over former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has been indicted in Southeast Georgia along with 18 others, including Donald Trump, over alleged illegal attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. He was also ordered to pay substantial damages for defaming two election officials in that state whom he falsely accused of fraud.

Biden's son sues former Trump lawyer over hacking


Hunter Biden filed the lawsuits in California, where he lives, against Rudy Giuliani and his former attorney Robert Costello for illegally recovering and manipulating computer data belonging to him, his lawsuit says.

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He accuses them of having “spent an extraordinary amount of time and energy for years researching, hacking, manipulating, reproducing, distributing and more generally possessing” data that had been “stolen or stolen” from him.

In October 2020, just before the presidential election, Republicans claimed to have a hard drive copy of the data from a computer that Hunter Biden allegedly left at a computer repair shop and never recovered.

Joe Biden’s opponents have used that data to release files, lurid photos and allegedly problematic emails that support their suspicions of favoritism for the Democratic leader over his son.

Hunter Biden also filed a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) last week, alleging public statements by his agents that revealed “confidential information” about his tax files.

He is accused of defrauding the tax authorities and lying when filling out forms to purchase a firearm in 2018, in which he denied the drug addiction he later admitted.

Donald Trump and many Republican leaders have made Hunter Biden one of their favorite targets, viewing him as the outgoing president’s Achilles heel.