1657009818 Bianca Brandolini dAddas white Dior dress is summer 2022s cottagecore

Bianca Brandolini d’Adda’s white Dior dress is summer 2022’s cottagecore trend Elle

Dedicated to Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall Winter 2022 2023 Collections has officially started and lasts until Thursday 7th July, although there are some off-calendar events. In the early afternoon it was my turn Christian Dioralso among the guests Bianca Brandolini d’Adda: The Italian model and socialite appeared more ethereal than ever a white lace dress. Just look at them Fashion collections spring summer 2022 to recognize that lace dresses They continue to exercise extreme charm and garner our applause. It is therefore impossible not to be inspired by the Look by Bianca Brandolini in Paris from this comes the purest expression of this timeless dictate.

white dior dress brandolini d'adda

Dior dress by Bianca Brandolini

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In perfect timing with the success of the Cottagecore trend Dior dress by Bianca Brandolini reminds us that the fashionable looks of summer 2022 must give space to elegance and sensuality. The concept of elegance remains central, the lace reveals, conceals and reveals the complexion, also enhancing it with chromatic contrasts. Dior explores its romantic soul in its midi cut that touches the calf, while a white high-waisted culotte reveals the power of transparency. The dress is a floral triumph in a sartorial version, where white finds its maximum expression in the oldest and most precious craftsmanship of all time.

How to wear Bianca Brandolini’s white dress

Styling also teaches us the power to enhance the dress with details Bianca Brandolini Combine the White Dior dress important contrasting accessories. The model chose a black leather maxi belt to accentuate the silhouette by tightening the lace dress at the waist, a pendant with the iconic ‘D’ falls softly, while the shiny skin adds a rock-chic charm to the overall look. To complete the look, the Dior necklines in black and white version, where the logo runs black on white to enhance the chromatic contrast, and the gold ankle closure gives light with its jewel effect, which is also reflected in the bracelet on the wrist . In her styling Bianca Brandolini She shows us with minimal simplicity how to make a “too” romantic dress cool, nothing fancier.

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