Bianca Balti the diet for Fashion Week I train almost

Bianca Balti, the diet for Fashion Week: “I train almost every day and eat without salt and sugar”

Bianca Balti shares many moments of his private life on his channels Social including your own profile Instagram. there supermodel it has nearly one and a half million follower and often he confronts them through stories, commenting on even important issues like that of the delicate operation he underwent on the breast. In one of the last stories White explains how he prepares for it Fashion Week from new York.

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In the last story Instagram the Bianca Balti In her profile, the model explains how she is preparing for American Fashion Week. there model He says: «I train every other day, I go for lymphatic massages, I eat without salt, without sugar and unprocessed foods and also I bought this device that stimulates the abdominal muscles to the maximum (and it doesn’t even sponsor me). ».

Messages from Bianca’s fans

Bianca Balti she is loved very much Social and the affection that her many fans have for her proves it. Before the operation model She had opened an e-mail address that people could write to to share their experiences and ask how she had managed to face such a delicate operation.

Last updated: Tuesday 24 January 2023 21:29