Bianca Andrade threatens to sue the judiciary after a dispute

Bianca Andrade threatens to sue the judiciary after a dispute with Gabi Prado: “I don’t want to be near me”

ExBBB confirmed misunderstandings at the party, but denied having humiliated the influencer

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Bianca Andrade spoke about confusion with Gabi Prado

the influencer Bianca Andradealso known as pink mouthShe broke the silence and spoke about the fight with the influencer Gaby Prado At a party in Pernambuco last Friday the 30th. After viralizing a video in which they allegedly slapped their faces, the former “De Férias Com o Ex” contestant explained that the former BBB was drunk and while trying to hit her to help was humbled . The argument between the two began even before that, when Gabi made a post saying that she shipped Bianca with the singer Daniel canon, reveal they met at a party. “Let’s get to the truth of the facts. This one [o post de Gabi] It’s a lie, this story that they made up, that I humiliated someone because they participated in reality, because this, because that. It’s a lie and it’s a very serious allegation. This person who invented this has to answer in the right place, which is in court,” said Boca Rosa.

The businesswoman confirmed that she had fallen out with Gabi at the party: “I will not stay here as a Good Samaritan. There was stress and this person knows very well why. I didn’t want any contact with her, I didn’t want that person to talk to me.” They met in the bathroom line and the influencer said she held Bianca to help her as she was drunk. “She didn’t come to help me because I was drunk, I was talking to my girlfriend and when she came to take my arm I looked at her and said ‘don’t touch me’. She knows I didn’t want to talk to her anymore because she hesitated with me on my birthday, I was out with my son, I woke up and she embarrassed me, embarrassed someone I was involved with. For what reason? For which purpose? I do not know. If she wants to cause in any way, let her cause whoever she catches it with,” he said. “We were standing in line and this person grabbed my arm. There are people the saint doesn’t meet and they don’t want to exchange energies, now I know very well why I didn’t want that. I’m not into shacks, I’m not into fights, but I don’t have cockroach blood either.”

The confusion didn’t stop there, after that friction in the bathroom pipe, Gabi went to settle for that Ex BBB. “He got in the midst of everyone, started sticking his finger in my face and cursing me. At the time I took a deep breath and said: ‘Take the woman away from me now, because I won’t fall on this heap.’ They took them away from me and I went to my house,” Bianca said. “[Ela] invented three lies. The first was that I humiliated her because of the reality show, she will have to pay for it because I didn’t say it. The second me [falei que] it was boca rosa, cheesy even. And thirdly, I got drunk to discredit myself and she would turn out to be the real one in the story.” About the video, which went viral, the influencer said she wasn’t in the slap with the ex De Férias Com o Ex came out. “There was no aggression, I didn’t humiliate her, I just told the truth that I don’t want her around,” he commented. “I had one of the happiest nights of my life with my boyfriend who also participated in reality, I already participated in a reality, this story doesn’t make any sense.”

Boca Rosa doesn’t even need a reality show to provide ENTERTAINMENT


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