Biagio Di Maro and the painful grief what is not

Biagio Di Maro and the painful grief: what is not known about the Knight of Thrones Over Newsby

Biagio Di Maro men and women
Biagio Di Maro is the most beautiful for her

Biagio Di Maro is one of the nicest knights of the throne over men and women. Brilliant, carefree and always ready with a joke, the Neapolitan managed to win the affection and appreciation of the viewers, who followed with interest his sentimental events in the Canale 5 studio.

Biagio’s overwhelming irony makes him appear as a charismatic man, always in a good mood, but in reality he carries within him the memory of a great pain resulting from an event that changed the course of his life forever.

Biagio Di Maro men and womenBiagio Di Maro is the most beautiful for her

TO men and women between the rows of men’s parterre also sits the very handsome Neapolitan knight, Biagio DiMaro. Arriving at the studio a few years ago, he has put himself at risk by meeting several ladies, but unfortunately their acquaintances have not yet developed into a real love relationship. Maybe also for this reason a Blaise he is credited with a reputation as a very passionate man who seeks physical contact with women he meets.

In fact, many of them, after dating him, then made the study focus on the overwhelming passion and boundless romance that the knight reserved for them. But on his way inside men and women There was no lack of discounts and discussions, probably because many a lady expected the longed-for sentimental turnaround with him.

Men and women, Biagio is among the nicest viewers on the dating show

However, the knight has not yet met the soulmate, but hope that this will happen sooner or later. And indeed this is the reason why he decided to take part in Men and Women, Biagio is looking for a partner who can build a great love story with him.

In the current issue of Men and Women, too, the knight is one of the absolute protagonists of the heir to the throne, cheered on by many viewers and many viewers who wish him that sooner or later he will find the woman of his life. She’s very skeptical about that Tina Cipollati who for some time has accused the handsome Neapolitan knight of taking part in the broadcast for the sole purpose of gaining recognition and visibility.

In fact, the blonde columnist believes it’s been some time since Di Maro joined the company men and women and he doesn’t understand why, he still hasn’t been able to find a woman to steal his heart. For his part, the knight defends himself by eliminating any reproach, his intention is to find a lady who will make him fall in love so that they can leave the workshop together.

The fact that Blaise Being portrayed as an extremely nice, open, dynamic and very, very passionate person has overshadowed some aspects of his past that in reality shaped him deeply. Di Maro contributes Dramatic memoryor in connection with his previous marriage. But what happened to him?

Men and women, Biagio Di Maro has suffered a very heavy grief

Unfortunately, Biagio’s wife suddenly and tragically passed away. The knight admitted that he survived the terrible time thanks to the boundless love of his children and loved ones, but the memory of the terrible event still lingers in his memory. In fact, it takes very little to remind him of the moments during that time that plunged him into despair.

Mourning for Biagio Di Maro Biagio Di Maro suffered a grief

So the knight is far from a person who “superficially” opens up, as someone has suggested. Perhaps the ease and sympathy with which he communicates is the result of a time of great suffering, in fact he intends to enjoy life in an authentic and happy way and there is nothing wrong with that, but rather it shows great intelligence and inner strength.