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‘ ‘: Bia Miranda quotes difficult childhood: ‘I lived on the streets’

Bia Miranda cites a difficult childhood

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Bia Miranda cites a difficult childhood

During the A Fazenda 14 party, Bia Miranda spoke to Shayan Haghbin and mentioned her difficult childhood to explain her behavior on the reality show. Gretchen’s adoptive granddaughter tells briefly that she suffered as a child.

The former Blind Marriage mentioned that he sees no problems with her and that the rivalry was born because of the game. “You are a girl who was happy and had fun. I have nothing against you, I never have,” he said. Bia then spoke to him about her childhood.

“Look, let me explain. All my life I’ve been burned by cigarettes, I’ve been slapped in the face, I’ve lived on the streets. I stayed a day when I was 7 and slept on the street,” he said.

“I used to wash the bathroom, the house, everything. Because my mother asked for it every day until I was 17,” he said. She says when she turned 17 she was looking for someone to leave the house.

“I turned 17, got a husband and quickly moved in with him. Throughout my life I’ve suffered from friendships, from dating, from a mother, from family, people of my own blood that I’ve suffered,” he lamented. She then explained the reason for the behavior in “The Farm”.

“So don’t say I’m rude and rude. If I am like this today, it is because I have suffered a lot in the past. I suffered a lot with friendship and family,” he said.

Shayan then commented that despite everything, she has a good side. “But you have this funny side, this happy side. So what did I tell you? You can be an easy girl, a happy girl. You have to allow yourself. We all have blocks,” he said.