Beyond the bugs doesnt Sports Storys problem come from further

Beyond the bugs, doesn’t Sports Story’s problem come from further afield? – Rom game Retrogaming

The Sports Story patch has yet to be approved, but is already being considered a lifeline for the game by Siderbar Games. After a failed launch due to bugs and near-crippling technical issues, the Golf Story sequel would need a little deus ex machina to erase our disappointment.

Sports Story version 1.0.3 was announced, a patch that today raises many hopes among the poor gamers who rushed to the game when it was released. After the enchantment of golf historythe fans experienced a real disappointment. It has to be said that Sports Story came out in a desolate state, even to the point that some of the game’s developers were reviving a tradition from the Amiga / Atari ST* era, with an in-game secret room that elucidates the concerns of the page explained .

After some delays, the game finally started in the eShop on 23.12. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best start, with players and reviewers reporting various bugs and performance issues.


After an update via social media a few weeks ago about how a patch was on the way to fix some of these issues, sidebar games Version 1.0.3 announced today. The patch has not yet been approved, but it will be rolled out like a savior in the near future.

But one can wonder if Sports Story’s problem doesn’t come from further afield. Could the game just be a bad sequel? It seems that the development team wanted to put too much into their title to stifle the freshness of Golf Story. Football, volleyball, tennis, golf… none of his sports come close to the depth of golf in Golf Story. Sidebar Games’ legitimate ambition seems to have been poorly controlled when perhaps things should be refined and perfected…

sports history had everything to be successful with his concept of a mixture of role play and sport. Unfortunately, Sidebar Games’ development team’s ambition to cover a variety of disciplines was certainly their downfall, as the game was released in a state that needed a first patch to fix its problems. Thanks to the commitment of I remain optimistic about the future of Sports Story sidebar games working on this patch, but that doesn’t change the fact that the launch of the game was disappointing.

*These games have hidden and unused pieces of text that should never be seen during gameplay as the developers have a say too. This includes things like thanks to programmers, messages aimed at hackers digging into game data, and angry tirades from underpaid and overworked programmers working overtime.