Beyond Illusions new heartthrob is dating a friend and having

Beyond Illusion’s new heartthrob is dating a friend and having an affair with a committed young woman: "unsolved problem"

Globo actor opened up about his relationship with a friend

Johnny Massaro is one of the actors revealed in Malhação. After so many years at TV Globo, he has now arrived to play the playboy Nelsinho Beyond Illusion. When he promises in the telenovela to shake up the romance of Isadora (Larissa Manoela) and Davi (Raffa Vitti) offscreen, he’s fine and in love.

When he was dating constitutional law professor João Pedro Accioly, he said he was happy to be able to play any type of character. “It seemed inevitable not to talk about it, why not? Why should that be a problem? Getting there to understand why this is a problem is a process. But it’s my life, it’s okay too,” said the Globo actor.

Then he talked about the process of coming out. “I’m glad we’re at a different time. When, at the time of my coming out, I was filming Secret Truths, where my character had an unresolved issue with sexuality, but ended up being bisexual, with a greater inclination towards men.” Massaro.

He also talked about his new role on TV Globo which consists of getting involved with Dorinha who is having a torrid romance with Davi. “So this work now (‘Beyond Illusion’) in that sense of being a classic male character who seduces the girl, where the girl is as iconic as Larissa Manoela, is more politically and personally interesting than anything else that I’m into.” show that one has nothing to do with the other. And we, as viewers, have spent our lives watching straight actors play gay characters,” he said.

“Why can’t the opposite be possible when the actor’s job is to play what he is not? So we’re in an interesting time to question these things and live them,” he also said.

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