Beyonce fans launch crowdfunding campaigns to buy tickets

Beyonce fans launch crowdfunding campaigns to buy tickets

Fans of singer Beyonce, who absolutely want to be part of her new world tour, have started their own crowdfunding campaign on the GoFundMe platform in order to be able to afford a ticket.

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They are dozens of admirers seeking the generosity of the populace to raise enough funds to secure a spot during the popular singer’s “Renaissance” tour.

“I haven’t missed a Beyoncé concert yet, but I’ve been getting bills, bills, and more bills. Financial contributions will be paid for my ticket, trip and dress,” one fan wrote on GoFund Me.

Some enthusiasts have set goals of $300, while others, more greedy, aim for $2,000.

Some Beyonce fans have already managed to raise the money to attend a performance, but not all have the same luck as many of them are waiting for the help of generous donors to reach their goal.

The Ticketmaster platform reported earlier this week that presale registrations exceeded the number of available tickets by more than 800% in some cities.