Beyonce congratulates her sister on a historic achievement

Beyoncé congratulates her sister on a historic achievement

Singer Beyoncé on Saturday congratulated her younger sister Solange Knowles on a historic achievement in her music composition career.

On her official Facebook page, the “Crazy in Love” performer expressed that she couldn’t find the right words to “express the pride and admiration I have for you” after becoming the second African American woman to write an original The New York City Ballet’s play “Play Time” was released as a soundtrack. It was unveiled during the institution’s tenth annual Fall Fashion Gala.

“You’re a visionary and one of the best,” he wrote, referring to a verse from his single “Alien Superstar,” a song included on his most recent album, Renaissance.

Likewise, the artist cataloged as “phenomenal” her sister’s project, which is her most recent work since her debut as a soloist in 2019 with the album When I Get Home, which was notable for its eclectic and risky rhythms.

“I suggest you don’t fuck with my sister,” Beyoncé concluded, referring to another verse from the song “Cosy,” which is also part of “Renaissance.” This production celebrates the happiness and security that black and minority women deserve.