Betrayal at Buckingham Palace, unacceptable scandal that led to the end of relationship

Betrayal at Buckingham Palace, unacceptable scandal that led to the end of relationship

A scandal that was not frowned upon at Buckingham Palace, he himself betrayed her, and the relationship immediately ended.

There is never a quiet moment for the English royal family, who are confronted every day with a new scandal breaking out in all the big tabloid tabloids. Here’s how we discover the truth about a truly unexpected fact, the betrayal left everyone speechless, They ended up in the middle of a storm and this situation destroyed the couple forever.

Kate Megan

Queen Elizabeth can be assured that in all her long tenure as Sovereign, celebrating the Platinum Jubilee or 70 years as Queen of England this year, there has never been a lack of scandals at Court, spanning historic epochs of global importance, between wars and dramas what the family al The catastrophic situations were at the heart of the controversy who over the years have seen the royal family face terribly dark times, between breakups, betrayal, legal scandals and much more.

Rekindling the light of curiosity now is a particularly sensitive issue, a betrayal she has uncovered and consequently ended any relationship through doom for good a very warm relationship for the subjects and they thought it was eternal.

Betrayal is the end of everything

The offspring of the royal family in particular made it big and this led to the final end for the couple, the two were very much loved but a third woman came into their lives and this led to a drastic and immediate breakup with the end of everything, Prince Harry is in the spotlight one of the long-lived monarch’s favorite grandsons.

Over the years, Harry had several acquaintances before meeting and marrying Megan, including Mollie King, whose story had fascinated subjects, who saw an enduring love in their relationship, but the prince did something unforgivable.


As time went on, Harry kept giving opportunities to talk about his relationships, he had a history with various women not only from high society but also from entertainment and music, like when he flirted with the singer Ellie GouldingShe met at her brother’s wedding in 2011.

The story did not last long, later there were other well-known women in show business, like Burberry’s model and muse of inspiration, Cressida Bonas, a relationship ended after two years due to social pressures that distressed the beautiful woman.

But among the most important stories of Prince Harry we find precisely those with the famous singer, radio presenter and member of the band The Saturdays Mollie King, the two formed a couple that really seemed to have a bright future, except that Prince Harry had a good night with a stripper in Las Vegas.

The scion to royalty was in the world’s gambling capital when he decided to take part in a crazy night where he took part in a game of strip billiards that he definitely didn’t win, since was paparazzi completely naked and accompanied by Carrie Reichert and landed on the front pages of The Sun, which enraged then-girlfriend King, who, after this umpteenth scandal, decided to end the relationship.

Harry scandal

Now these photos are making a comeback, precisely because Reichert gave an interview about a situation that might not suit Meghan very much who has to endure yet another embarrassing situation due to her husband’s turbulent past.