Besties Nina Moric scolds Francesca Fagnani You dont follow me

Besties, Nina Moric scolds Francesca Fagnani: “You don’t follow me, you can’t follow me. I’m dyslexic, I don’t even know what’s left and what’s right.”

“But as a far-right woman, I accepted this fight but didn’t understand anything. I was manipulated”. It is difficult to follow the thread of the argument Nina Morich. She, a Croatian model and naturalized Italian showgirl, ex-wife of Fabrizio Corona, takes on the leading role in “beasts”interviewed by Francesca Fagnani. It’s not an easy job interview. Nina is an eel, she jumps from pole to branch, gives conflicting answers, but then keeps repeating: “You don’t follow me, you can’t follow me”. She smiles often, with a cascade of braided hair and a very pre-Christmas sparkly dress. It is evident, also given the political context, that some questions remind her of her past around Casapound. In 2017, Nina said: “I’m in love with Casapound. I saw in them what I was looking for, the truth”. To then reiterate the following year: “It was a mistake, I apologize to everyone”.

What is the truth? Of course, Nina remembers losing her head to Luigi Mario Favoloso, a far-right fighter and former Big Brother competitor. Then he explains again: “But which woman on the right can you please give me. I’m dyslexic, I don’t even know what’s left and what’s right. How can I be a woman on the right?”. But when Fagnani asks her if she’s in denial about her past, she replies, “Did I believe it? No wait, why can’t you follow me? Why do I have to deny something that was my past? But apparently I might have believed in what I was doing. So why deny it?”. Fagnani presses her: “Okay, so you deny the right-wing extremist past? No? As? I try to follow him in every way. Why do I say deny? Because she did it a minute ago”. But Nina Moric insists: “You don’t follow me, you can’t follow me”.

There is also talk of the hospital admissions ten years ago. And the question is: has Nina ever taken drugs? Again the answer is Avalanche: “I was just too alone, that’s all. Seeks? Ok, let’s recap, I have never abused drugs. I tried, yes, because I was unhappy, the fault is mine. I’m not blaming my work, I’m not blaming the stress, I’m blaming myself. And so… then I tried it a few times. It’s not that I did some kind of astral projection, no, I just tried.” What about the sleeping pill overdose in 2009 and the drug poisoning in 2012? “No, I told you loneliness. However I knew I couldn’t die, in fact I called the ambulance“. It’s time to take stock: “This is not my life, these are moments in my life, my life has been 46 years. These are moments of two or three sides, 5, 10, 100. Right, in fact, I come out of these moments.

But it’s time to talk more about the relationship Crown: “In my life, a fixed point, a family, was always missing. With Corona we were two unhappy people, both very fragile.”. The relationship to his son Carlos: “He has no grudges against meShe’s just scared of her dad and as a mother I don’t feel like I did anything wrong. The explanations follow one another. Fagnani reminds her of past testimonies when she said she had suffered psychological violence from her family. And she: “I’m not a liar, today I’m telling the absolute truth. In the past I created parallel truths”. The conclusion? “I have always undressed by stripping naked, but I never lost my dignity. I am proud of the woman I am today. My name? I tattooed it on my arm for fear of getting lost.” His worst mistake? “I’m very good at always doing something wrong. I’m very well educated.”