Bernard Henri Levy There is only a real risk of

Bernard Henri Lévy: “There is only a real risk of a third world war if Putin wins”

Bernard-Henri Levy. Fabien Clairefond

MAJOR MAINTENANCE – Slava Ukraini (“Long live Ukraine”), is the title of the second combat film that the philosopher dedicates to the conflict that has been rocking international relations since February 24, 2022. Bernard-Henri Lévy tells us about his year of shooting at the front. And creates his geopolitical analysis of the conflict.

On February 24, 2022, Russian troops invaded Ukraine on the orders of Vladimir Putin. Since then, Kiev’s military resistance has frustrated Russia’s imperial goals. A year after the conflict began, we gave the floor to professionals, but also to philosophers, historians and writers, to shed light on this war that changed the world in their own way.

On February 9, 2014, during the Maidan revolution, Bernard-Henri Lévy addressed the crowd in Kiev Square to glorify Europe and condemn Vladimir Putin. Today, a year after Russian troops invaded Ukraine, BHL stops and signs. He analyzes the Russian-Ukrainian conflict as a war between western democracies and the new empires, of which Russia is the vanguard. In his opinion, if Putin is not defeated militarily, all of Europe will be threatened tomorrow.

LE FIGARO. – This is your second film about Ukraine. Why this fight?

Bernard-Henri LEVY…

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