Benoit Gagnon and his partner Nathalie have finally moved in

Benoit Gagnon and his partner Nathalie have finally moved in together – 7 days

After years of traveling back and forth between the north coast and south coast to see each other, Benoît Gagnon and Nathalie Sanschagrin no longer have to worry about traffic as the latter has just moved in with the host.

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“Nath just sold his house. We are currently in the pits. “We’ve been together for three years but she kept her house on the North Shore because of Emma’s school, but we found her one on the South Shore,” he told us. He was in charge of the premiere of Jérémy Demay’s show. His girlfriend therefore moved in with his 16-year-old daughter. Nathalie’s 20-year-old son is in an apartment.

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For his part, Benoît will no longer have full-time children at home as his eldest, Mathieu, 23, will soon leave the family nest. “At the beginning of August he moves into an apartment with two of his buddies. He has just returned from a month-long trip to Asia with friends. He traveled to Vietnam, Singapore and Japan. Sophie (20) works at a good friend of mine’s company, Chrono Aviation. She stays with her mother because it’s in addition to her job. Their seven-year-old son Charles is in their care.

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On the work side, the host of Survivor Quebec in Extension on Noovo and La Hitliste du Weekend and Ben Le Weekend on Rouge FM will begin his summer program on radio on June 19. He will be on duty on weekdays at noon and on Fridays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Also, he just started filming a new show for Z. “They decided to accompany me during my Nissan Cup racing season. “We shoot 10 shows,” said the presenter, who has been involved in auto racing for fifteen years.

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