Benjamin Netanyahu The Return of the King Who Never Left

Benjamin Netanyahu, The Return of the King Who Never Left

missed five choices and billions of shekels, but ‘Bibi’ made it. Benjamin Netanyahu will be again Prime Minister of Israel. the fascinating Leader from Likud was the preferred choice of a million Israelis. After fierce resistance for the past 16 months, the longest-serving prime minister in the country’s history returns home and Israel is once again safe. Because the King ‘Bibi’ embodies the Jewish state: its steady hand as a nation surrounded by enemies, his chameleonic savoir-faire to withstand three decades in office, and the assurance that exudes. Netanyahu embodies a Past expansion, victories and leadership. After a year and a half of chaos, father “Bibi” returns to give Israel a future.

At just 46, he was the youngest prime minister 1996 to come to power after the murder from Yitzhak Rabin. He was also the firstborn in the State of Israel. Three years later he was defeated by the work Ehud Barak, the last left-wing government in Israel. (The four minimum seats the same party received after those elections, given that they are the only left-wing representatives in the chamber, suggest it will be decades before the country sees anything like this.) And it is that Netanyahu a name is means exception In Israel. After returning to government in 2009, he was the only one to succeed form a government three times in a rowas in 2013 and 2015.

It’s her too Mostly elected Prime Minister, with five governments behind him. The 15 years at the head of the executive branch even exceeds the time at the head of the country Founder of Israel, David Ben-Gurion. But in turn, he was the only prime minister in the history of the state accused of corruption while still in office. Cracked like none and can ally with anyone, ‘Bibi’ returns to power to escape his clashes with the judiciary. your new right-wing partners have already stated their intention to overhaul the justice system to refer to bribery, fraud and embezzlement charges that have not been brought down Netanyahu.

selfish and charismatic

polarizing figure par excellence, the politician of 73 years returns as if it were a messiah. His election campaigns have therefore made him better known with his name than that of his party. Netanyahu’s charisma, persistence and egomania have earned him accusations personality cult who have been following him for years. But Israel, a historically isolated country in a region it hated, needs such men. From the hand of donald trump, the “best friend Israel had in the White House”, “Bibi” achieved the unimaginable: the Normalization of relations with Arab countries without giving up an inch of territory and the American recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

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Netanyahu was able to Bury the Palestinian cause at the bottom of the trunk of memories. He torments himself with her peace dialogue and millions of Palestinians suffer from occupation and blockade. It has since placed Israel on the world map as an ordered power that leads vaccination campaigns faultless and survives world economic crises. And he’s done it, using and throwing politicians and allies to stay in power, as he did with Benni Gantz. Netanyahu has refused to cede the position of prime minister to him, despite an agreement to form a joint executive in 2020. But that’s it Israel needs “Bibi”, because when “Bibi” reigns, Israel prospers. Or so he thinks. Now a million Israelis too.

When the first government without Netanyahu in 12 years was formed in June last year, many celebrated end of an era. But ‘Bibi’ never left. His raspy voice and imposing figure dominated the Knesset for months and his attempts to overthrow the Knesset “Leader of Change” They had results just a year later. And although experts warn that it is already one danger to democracyNo one blames Netanyahu for all the millions he spent on election campaigns, the years lost without political consent, the radicalization of a large part of society. Nobody can blame him. It’s “Bibi”. He is the king.