Benedetta Parodi unexpected words about her sister Cristina It was

Benedetta Parodi, unexpected words about her sister Cristina: “It was a bit difficult” RicettaSprint

Benedetta Parodi returns to talk about her sister Cristina, with unexpected words that really left the audience speechless … a difficult time that pushed back the two sisters. Here’s what it is.

During both of their career years in the television world parody sisters Fans learned about various aspects of the private life of Benedict and Christinewho have also shared the stage several times.

Benedetta Parodi chills on Cristina – RicettaSprint

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Over the years, Benedetta Parodi has shown a great emotional bond with her sister, following in her footsteps in the field of journalism and then deciding to venture into another field, but both went on parallel career paths, becoming mutually supportive … and yet, it wasn’t always that easy for her.

In the past, in fact, the sisters parody They have also gone through a difficult period of crisis, which is only revealed today by the chef and cooking show host.

Benedetta Parodi’s unexpected words about Cristina

Imagine a crisis between Cristina and Benedetta Parodi It’s almost difficult, but in the past the two sisters experienced a very delicate moment after a demanding job that they risked in front of the cameras.

Benedetta Parodi chills on Cristina – RicettaSprint

We refer to the Season of Domenica, in which the Parodi sisters saw themselves as equal hosts in 2017 but what was supposed to be a great success turned into a delicate moment for both of us, so much so that we didn’t get the desired result? He really thought about breaking the silence from this point of view Benedetta Parodiduring his last interview with very correcthosted by Silvia Toffanin.

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“I wouldn’t do it again…”

Given the long interview Silvia ToffaninGuest of Verissimo, for Benedetta Parodi It also served as the backdrop for a chilling confession that also resonates as the incredible outburst of a project that seemed to have left a bitter taste in the mouth.

In front of the cameras of very correctSo, Benedetta Parodi talks about sharing the stage with her sister Cristina on Domenica In made the following unexpected revelation: “I thought it would be easier, instead To me, having two sisters on the same stage is a bit of a struggle… maybe because they love each other too much, right? One because he wants to give the other more space, the fear of … I don’t know”.

Benedetta Parodi chills on Cristina – RicettaSprint

Parodi then ended her outburst like this: “In my opinion, we always worked on television when one was a presenter and the other was a guest. We’ve always hosted each other in our programs and had a lot of fun doing it. As a conductor, I think it was a bit difficult. No I wouldn’t do it again… it wasn’t the right experience for us“.

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