Belinda debuts as a sister  in  law, her brother dating the ex  partner of a famous heartthrob

Belinda debuts as a sister in law, her brother dating the ex partner of a famous heartthrob

When it came to love, Belinda wasn’t having a good time; His last relationship with singer Christian Nodal ended amid controversy, so he’s decided to close his heart and take refuge in his work and friends.

But for Beli’s brother Nacho Peregrin everything seems to be very different. The 25-year-old has a new girlfriend; They even shared some messages on social networks showing that they are very much in love.

But who is Belinda’s new sister-in-law? This is Minnie West, a film and television actress who has been involved in several notable projects including the film My Best Friend’s Wedding and the Netflix series The Club.

Though neither of them have shared details about their romance or how they met, they began exchanging comments on the actress’ profile last June. At first they only flirt and hearts, but in July Minie He shared a series of pictures in New York and in one of them he kisses the youngest of the Peregrin.

Photo: Instagram

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Minnie and her relationship with Alex Speitzer

Prior to her romance with Nachito, Minnie was girlfriend to actor Alejandro Speitzer, whom she dated for just over six years.

West and the Dark Desire protagonist met in 2014 while starring in the musical Grease. Love was instant and months later they started dating.
In addition to their life together, they also share a love of cinema, which is why they decide to become entrepreneurs and found the production company Wetzer Films.

Despite looking very much in love in 2020, they surprisingly ended their relationship. Little is known about the split, but in the same year Speitzer revealed his affair with Spanish actress Ester Expósito.

Since then, Minnie hasn’t known a heartthrob, so the news of her new love was highly praised by her followers: “You deserve to be happy,” “You deserve everything beautiful in life,” “Nacho, you got the World Cup.” deserved” are just some of the comments that you can read.

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