Belinda and her family choose Christian Nodal "they will sue"

Belinda and her family choose Christian Nodal "they will sue"

Belinda and her family choose Christian Nodal

Belinda and her family pursue Christian Nodal “they will sue him” | Instagram

Belinda and her family would be ready to take action against Christian Nodal and would do so legally, as it turned out a few days ago. They recently confirmed that the “naturalized Mexican” and his family are already in talks with lawyers.

According to reports, the Singer Belinda and her family would already see the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the “Mexican regional association”, where the interpreter from “colorblind“She was engaged.

Belinda and her family (her parents) are already discussing with lawyers the possibility of filing a lawsuit against Christian Nodal for moral damages, Jorge Carbajal pointed out.

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Belinda and her family follow Christian Nodal, “they will sue him”. Photo: record video

After the scandalous breakup, the actress from “welcome to eden“, 32 years old, no mention was made of who his partner was,

But the “sonoran‘, has released several clues suggesting that the fact that the ‘Spaniard’ doesn’t manifest ‘doesn’t suggest that she’s not acting through other people’, be it her mother or other friends, she suggested.

After the heated controversy that arose on Twitter when the mother of “Belinda’s ex-fiancé” He called him “naco” and he responded by also leaking a conversation in which the actress asked him for money for her teeth and for her parents, it would be to the anger of the “song writer“.

It was in a previous broadcast of Gossip channel No Like where driver Javier Ceriani predicted that the “former judge of The Voice‘, and his family would prepare a full-blown attack on the famous 23-year-old after he assured: ‘Belinda is a very vindictive person.’

Now the journalist Jorge Carbajal reconfirmed the versions through his program and assured that the “business women“Belinda Peregrín Schüll” has already met with her parents and lawyers to take legal action against Nodal for the non-pecuniary damage “inflicted on her by the evidence of the conversation on social networks.

But it wouldn’t all stop there, as the moderator of “Productora 69” has warned that the “born in Madrid‘ he could use his political friendships to crack down on his ex.

Belinda has very good friends in Mexican politics and uses their contacts to find out little things about Nodal

It should be remembered that in the past there was a scandal surrounding the singer-songwriter’s conflicts with his former record company, evidence that TvNotas hinted at an alleged [email protected] for which the “Spanish woman” and her family recorded it in would use their objection. He scored.

That can be anything, starting with the problem of the [email protected] that comes with the label, according to the communicator.

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