1674974914 Belen the desperate appeal quotPlease eatquot The mother intervenes

Belen, the desperate appeal: "Please eat…". The mother intervenes

Belen the desperate appeal quotPlease eatquot The mother intervenes

Many to see Belen Rodriguez They worry about her on social media and on TV excessive thinness, especially considering the legs, which look really threadlike. Now even his mother Veronica Cozzani, joins the argument. “Belen, please eat pasta! You’re beautiful, but not those dry legs! As a good Latina, do something,” writes a fan. And Belen’s mother replies: “She’s like that! And that’s why she’s so beautiful! She’s got the legs of a girl.”

In short, according to Veronica Cozzani, the presenter of Le Iene would be slim design and not because he’s on a strict diet. On the contrary, Belen often shares succulent dishes in her posts on Instagram and never goes without wine or Coca Cola.

Certainly the wife of Stephen DeMartino She devotes a lot of time and care to her beauty. Between beauty creams, beauty treatments and lots of sport. The 38-year-old Argentinian showgirl regularly undergoes drains to eliminate fluids and therefore cellulite. As for physical activity, Belen Rodriguez, after giving up CrossFit, began after the birth of her second daughter Luna Mari, to devote oneself pilates, which stretches and tightens muscles and corrects posture.

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