1664736127 Belen Rodriguez simulates orgasm in Tu Si Que Vales Mammuccari

Belen Rodriguez simulates orgasm in Tu Si Que Vales, Mammuccari: “A myth has collapsed”

A Tu si Que Vales Belen Rodriguez, with Gerry Scotti, reinterpreted the iconic scene from Harry meet Sally, in which Meg Ryan pretends to have an orgasm in a restaurant: “It seems that you are in the toilet,” the judges joked Rudy Zerbi and Teo Mammuccari.

Belen Rodriguez simulates orgasm in Tu Si Que Vales Mammuccari

Belen Rodriguez last night in the third episode of Tu Si Que valleys has become the protagonist of a hilarious gag inspired by the famous movie Harry and Sally Gerry Scotti. The two faces of the show, which will air on Channel 5 on Saturday night, have followed in the footsteps of Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal to perform the iconic scene in which she, Sally, fakes an orgasm in front of his eyes in a crowded restaurant . The Argentinian showgirl, who wore a blonde wig, tried to simulate the Hollywood diva and disappointed her peers. “It seems that you are on the cup, a myth collapsed”, the joke of Teo Mammuccari.

Belen Rodriguez and Gerry Scotti’s gag

1664736125 339 Belen Rodriguez simulates orgasm in Tu Si Que Vales Mammuccari

A Tu Si que Vales Belen Rodriguez and Gerry Scotti gave up their roles for a moment to take on the role of Harry and Sally, protagonists of the famous movie Harry meets Sally. Sitting near a small table in the center of the studio, they re-enacted the iconic scene of her faking an orgasm while they are in a restaurant in front of everyone. “Sometimes women do it that way…” says the Argentine, before missing the moment of the imaginary hug: “Ah, ah, ah”. To break the embarrassment, Rudy Zerbi and Teo Mammuccari jokes. “I do it in the toilet”, the words of the teacher of Amici, “It looks like you’re standing on the trophy, a myth has collapsed” that of Mammuccari, who then concluded: “Is there an ambulance?”. “If you pretended it was real, you wouldn’t even notice,” was Rodriguez’s instant response.

The illusionist who surprised Maria De Filippi

Among the numerous participants who performed on the stage of Tu si que vales was Antonio, a Spanish illusionist who put Maria De Filippi to the test. When asked to remember an important episode in their lives, both referred to the 1993 mafia attack from which the judge and her husband Maurizio Costanzo escaped. The contestant showed the photo he had put in his bag before De Filippi told him the date and episode, causing astonishment among the audience and the judges.