Belèn Rodriguez, Antonino Spinalbese replaces her with the new flame

Belèn Rodriguez, Antonino Spinalbese replaces her with the new flame

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Belèn Rodriguez, Antonino Spinalbese replaces them with the new flame

Last week we saw Belèn Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino enjoying the tranquility of the Romagna countryside together with the little ones of the house, Santiago and Luna Marì. The little girl’s father, Antonino Spinalbese, simultaneously puts all his strength into the created stamps and, with the help of Helena Prestes, turns the pages on a sentimental level.

While Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino You return to the city after a week in the Emilia Romagna countryside Antonon Spinalbese he has been on vacation for a week. Yes, because the former hairdresser took advantage of his baby Luna Mari was with his mother to spend a few days in Ibiza. An ideal place to reflect on the offers that reach him, especially one from Alfonso Signorini.

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The presenter and director of the weekly Who Wants for the New Big Brother Vip, which airs from September 19 channel 5. Antonino seems reluctant to offer such an offer, as he’s more committed to repaying the investment on his new line of costumes, mostly for men. Building on its popularity, it continues to advertise Instagram the different models, even if unfortunately the handsome guy who wears them is not included in the sale price. Rumor has it that even Belèn doesn’t seem too thrilled about Antonino’s entry into Italy’s most famous house. In short, it seems that they all agree. You don’t have to do this big brother.

Antonino Spinalbese files Belèn Rodriguez admiring another stunning physique

Of course Ibiza is not without beaches, sea and music. But above all, it’s not Ibiza without a girl lying in the sun in a bikini. So, without thinking too much, Antonino inserts the stories a picture of his newest flame, Helena Prestes. Helena, we recall, is a model and yoga teacher and has worked with the Beijing Express Nikita Pelizon. Although the girl’s face cannot be seen, it is certain that this stunning body with an orange bikini is Helena’s. The same one he was sitting with paparazzi at a table in a bar in Milan days ago. Complicated postures and exchange of effusions. If there were still doubts about their closeness, Prestes lends his image to promote the talent scouting company Spinalbese. I think we can safely say that Antonino Belèn has definitely closed.

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