Belen Rodriguez and Maria De Filippi The whole truth about

Belen Rodriguez and Maria De Filippi? “The whole truth about the fight” Newsby

Rumors have been circulating about an alleged falling out between Maria De Filippi and Belen Rodriguez: the two women – who are hugely popular on the Italian screen – have had some disagreements in the past. How true is that? Here’s what is known about it.

It definitely is De Filippi one of the most popular presenters of the Italian television scene who, with his numerous Mediaset programs, always manages to tie the fans to the television. The same goes for Belen, whose beauty and talent immediately managed to win the hearts of thousands of people across Italy. Their bond has always been very strong, and Rodriguez has worked with Maria on the talent shows Amici and Tu sì que vales.

Belen Rodriguez and Maria De Filippi had a fight? (photo on the handle)

What would have happened instead? A few rumors have surfaced suggesting a likely conflict that would have existed between the presenter and the showgirl.

The alleged dispute between Belen and Maria: what really happened

In fact, recently there has been talk of a possible dispute between Belen Rodriguez and Maria De Filippi: it has been said that the soubrette he would even consider giving up Tu sì que vales, this is the Saturday evening program in which he has been taking part for a long time together with De Filippi. How much truth is in these rumors? The weekly newspaper Nuovo Tv thought about revealing the whole truth, which broke the silence and denied all the rumors about Belen and Maria speaking of their conflict. It seems, therefore, that the bond between the two women is now growing stronger and that Rodriguez has decided to stay in the Tu yes que vales television studio.

Belen Rodriguez and Maria De Filippi together (Instagram photo)

The same pages of the weekly also said that in order to implement this crisis between De Filippi and Belen, it would have been Emma Brown – Stefano De Martino’s ex – who would have been called by Maria to become her new juror of amicis evening (whose first episode will be broadcast again on March 18 on Canale 5). The presenter’s intention would therefore initially have been to entrust the role of judge to both Marrone and Stefano De Martino, both alumni of the talent show but above all ex-boyfriends.

Will this really happen in the evening? In reality, another truth has emerged that silences all the voices that speak of a possible presence of Emma and Stefano in the Amici television studio, the program condemned for their love has ended years ago.

Will Stefano De Martino be present at Amici’s evening?

It then turned out that the showman will not take part in the evening stage of the talent show, because he is currently busy with other work projects. In fact, the well-known show Tonight Everything is possible that will be broadcast on Rai 2 begins and which will once again see him as the protagonist. De Martino will also start a theater tour called Better tonight and at the moment it would be very difficult for him to agree to participate in Amici as a judge.

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