Belen flees from Albarella to go shopping in Padua.  The lunch?  A sandwich under the photo show

Belen flees from Albarella to go shopping in Padua. The lunch? A sandwich under the photo show

PADUA – A full day in Padua for the famous showgirl Belen Rodriguez today, Monday, August 8th. The popular Argentine model and presenter came out in the morning Albarella, where he has rented a house for the summer with her partner Stefano De Martino, along with her Paduan friend Giorgia Matteucci, the established wedding planner of their wedding, and another Milanese friend. Before dedicating himself to shopping, he walked around the city center with his son Santiago, immortalized on social networks on the Pedrocchi lion, stopping around 3 p.m. for a half-hour sandwich break at the Bar Al Mercà, formerly Sotto il Salone Dae Tose .


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Rodriguez, wearing a black dress with large red cherries, posed for a souvenir photo behind the counter, between the restaurant’s owner Antonio, known for guiding the paparazzi on Via Marsilio in the past, and a blonde girl. “Thank you Belen and family for visiting the Salone,” wrote the restaurant on its Instagram profile.

The beautiful star of gossip and entertainment is certainly used to photographers and especially paparazzi, but it’s also true that every day she is the first to post pictures in the stories of her official Instagram profile with 10,500,000 followers, showing where he is or what he is does, whether on the photo set, by the sea or in this case in the car while arriving in the Euganean capital, or he shoots a so-called boomerang video in which he walks and makes a nice expression with his face. The presenter of the latest edition of “Le Iene” (along with Teo Mammuccari) has long been associated with the City of Saints: she came there for the preparations for the 2013 wedding with her historical partner De Martino with suppliers almost all from Padua and returned then returned to the hospital last year to give birth in July to Luna Marì, the second daughter of the hairdresser Antonino Spinalbese, with whom she had a relationship that has now ended.

Certainly also thanks to her friend Giorgia yesterday between one shop and another she was able to see the squares and monuments of the city before returning to the island of Polesine and it is not certain that the beautiful 34 year old is this given the proximity -old you won’t come back from Buenos Aires until the hot season is over. Just like on this occasion, his photos will again go viral online in Padua.

Belen flees from Albarella to go shopping in Padua The