Belen and Stefano in crisis The suspects born after Ce

Belen and Stefano in crisis? The suspects born after C’è Posta per Te

I’m really (again) in crisis Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino? After the episode of C’è Posta per Te aired last night Some of the Argentinian showgirl’s “flaws” have alarmed the couple’s fans and caused panic on social media.

In fact, it seems that last night while her husband was a guest on the well-known show Maria DeFilippi to surprise one of his great suitors who was orphaned by both parents and raised by her aunt, Belen I haven’t posted anything about it. Made strange to most because the presenter of Le Iene has always published the works of DeMartinocomment them.

Would this social silence really be enough to speak of a crisis?

In the meantime he has revealed himself Amedeo Venza. According to reports from, the blogger and influencer has spoken to some sources close to the family Stefan:

You are pointing out to me that there could be another crisis in the meantime Stefan and Belen! He is no longer seen at her house and there Rodriguez no more likes and comments on posts by De Martino! I reached a person close to his brother on the phone and was told that there really isn’t that harmony between the two.”