Belen and Stefano drumming voices of the crisis Cecilia reveals

Belen and Stefano, drumming voices of the crisis: Cecilia reveals the truth

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Crisis-fighting Sunday lunch for Belen And Stefan. A few weeks ago there was a rumor of one crisis in between Belen Rodriguez And Stephen DeMartinoBut a photo posted by Argentina’s mother showing the conductor walking by suggested that the message was fake news. Still, the couple remains absent from social media and no official denial has been received from those directly involved. The two have gone from frequently appearing together to completely disappearing from the radar. What casts even more doubt is a similar situation that arose during the last breakup in 2020. Well, the 38-year-old’s sister took care of revealing the truth. Cecilia Rodriguez.

Along with “Chechu’s” friend, Ignatius Moser, The four used the Sunday to spend carefree moments with the family. Yesterday, February 12, the former Vippona published stories immortalizing his sister in the kitchen while the former dancer tasted the dishes. After a long time, Husband and wife have finally resurfaced together public. “You can see someone came to bring me food,” Cecilia told her followers, framing her brother-in-law. With them also the children of the “Le Iene” presenter: Santiago And Luna Mari. Francesco Monte’s ex first shared a photo together with Belen and Stefano’s only son with the caption, “Mi primer amor.” Immediately afterwards it was the turn of the little girl from the Rodriguez house and an affectionate video of the aunt and niece appeared while they were dancing together.

The showgirl shows via her Instagram profile denied two alleged crises in one fell swoop: hers with her future husband Ignazio and that of her sister. The family picture from the stories of seen Cecilia dispelled all doubts and he noticed the understanding between the brothers-in-law. At this point, the social absence of the two spouses could simply be associated with one increased desire for privacy and it has nothing to do with hypothetical marital tension. Both are busy with their programs “Le Iene” and “Everything is possible tonight”. Presumably for this reason, Belen and Stefano prefer to draw the attention of followers to their careers.