Belen and mother Veronica, two drops of water: the resemblance is incredible

Belen and mother Veronica, two drops of water: the resemblance is incredible

It happens to all of us to stop and flip through the album of memories and delve into the past. These are those moments when we go back in time to when we were little girls, between faded memories and unique sensations. He did Belen Rodriguezwho shared a very sweet shot under the Instagram Stories: She is very small and in the arms of mother Veronica, in a gesture of tender motherly love.

What she, mother in turn, already experienced and who is now reliving with the birth of her eldest son Santiago, son of Stefano De Martino, embraces little Luna Marì, who was born just a year ago from the relationship with Antonino Spinalbese and which one is getting more beautiful. But what is striking is the photo of Belenincredible resemblance to his mother.

Belen Rodriguez, the incredible resemblance to mother Veronica

It’s not the first time we’ve come across photos of Belen Rodriguez alongside her mother, Veronica Cozzani. There has always been a solid relationship between the two and especially and for the presenter it is a source of pride to show yourself next to the woman who gave her life and taught her everything. The mother is always the mother, as they say, but in this case it’s like seeing a Belen travel back in time: the resemblance is unbelievable.

Both women with character and beautiful. Veronica is a little younger than Belen in the photo shared by the presenter, a child like her little Luna Marì now. The same thing brown but slightly wavy hair, as the fashion of those years wanted, and with fringes that remind us of the same one worn by her daughter Belen in recent months, when she was managing Le Iene. But the resemblance certainly does not stop at the hair color: the oval of the face, the shape of the large and intense eyes, even the lips are identical, full and sensual.

Veronica Cozzani, the love of the three children

Belen and her mother are two drops of water, but also in the faces of the presenter’s brothers. Jeremiah and Cecilia, a certain resemblance can be seen. Good blood doesn’t lie: the three boys are the pride of Veronica Cozzani and Gustavo Rodriguez, the beloved father who, together with his son, also took part in the last edition of the Isola dei Famosi. Ms Veronica, on the other hand, limited herself to appearing on one episode of Isola Party and made it clear that it was not in her plans to take part in a reality show, not even when accompanied by one of her children.

A decision in tune with his way of being. Veronica and her husband have always been very reserved people and they rarely interfered and showed themselves personally. Belen Rodriguez’s mother prefers to devote herself to family, especially since she has become one Grandmother of Santiago and Luna Marìwith whom she spends a few vacation days, which she documents with so much love on her social channels.

Belen, mother Veronica, always ready to defend her

Veronica Cozzani is one super mom (and grandma) who never lost sight of their children, even when they moved to Italy to work. But if it is true that there is an extraordinary resemblance to Belen, on the other hand it is their relationship that has not gone unnoticed and on several occasions. As I said, Mrs. Veronica he’s not the type for interviews or “stage”, but now There was a time when he pulled out his claws also via social media to defend his Maria Belen against often violent criticism and allegations.

Those who follow the moderator will surely remember when, ended the marriage to Stefano De Martino, Belen was harshly attacked for starting a new relationship with Andrea Iannone. It was there that Mrs. Veronica intervened, urging gossip not to poke her nose into her daughter’s life. Not to mention the case of Pio and Amedeo, when in the early evening they embarked on an unfortunate joke about the presenter, in whose midst also stood little Santiago and Luna Marì, who was not yet born, and she angrily commented “closed heads and open mouths. The worst combination”. Finally, a few weeks ago we saw her defending Belen on social media. again criticized for their sentimental decisions: They call her a bad mother, an “easy” woman, and she doesn’t fit in as a mother.

It’s true that children make mistakes, that they sometimes make choices that go against the trend of our parenting advice. But a mother’s love overcomes every misunderstanding.