Belarusian  Russian exercise fuels worries in Ukraine

Belarusian Russian exercise fuels worries in Ukraine

A new Russian-Belarusian military maneuver is fueling fears in Ukraine of a Russian offensive from neighboring Belarus. According to the Belarus Ministry of Defense, the air force and army exercises began on Monday morning, as announced. They are defensive and should last until February 1st. A representative of the Security Council of Belarus accused Ukraine of provocations on Sunday.

Kyiv’s government has repeatedly warned that Russia could open a new front in the north against close ally Belarus. Belarus (Belarus), on the other hand, has declared that it will not enter the war. Moscow’s government has described the speculation as “groundless” and “stupid” and is urging the ally to participate more. Russia used Belarus as a launching pad for the invasion of Ukraine.

Unofficial military surveillance channels on Telegram reported that since the beginning of the year, several Russian fighters, helicopters and military transport planes have arrived in Belarus – eight fighters and four cargo planes on Sunday alone. Portal was unable to verify these reports. First Deputy State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Pavel Muraveyko wrote in Telegram that Ukraine provoked Belarus. However, he reacts with caution. “We have the necessary forces and means to respond to any manifestation of aggression or terrorist threat in our territory.” (jeg/apa)