Bela Gil announces the end of the marriage after 19

Bela Gil announces the end of the marriage after 19 years: “The partnership remains solid”

Chef Bela Gil, 35, announced the end of her marriage to entrepreneur and designer João Paulo Demasi, 42. The announcement was made on her Instagram.

19 years dating, 12 married. “A contribution for those who respect, like or admire our work and our family. After 19 years of beautiful and peaceful relationship that has produced so much fruit in love and work, our marriage has come to an end,” begins the publication of daughter of Gilbert Gil.

Compliment. “The end of love never because there is no way not to love the way you raise our children, how you navigate the world, how you are as a person. Our partnership in maternity/paternity and in business remains strong. I appreciate every second by your side, every word of support, every gesture of caring. Life with you has just brought me happiness,” Bela wrote.

Support from daughter and famous friends. In the comments, Bela received support from famous friends. Artists such as Alice Wegmann, Carolina Dieckmann and Amora Mautner commented on the publication. Flor Gil, the eldest daughter of Bela and João, also spoke out. “I love you more than anything,” the singer wrote.