1651252034 704 Beijing Express Episode Eight Return and Sad Farewell

Beijing Express Episode Eight: Return and Sad Farewell

The eighth episode of Beijing Express aired yesterday, the adventure game reached its ninth edition this year. The travelers made the last stop in Jordan, but in the end only 4 out of 5 couples managed to get to the next town.

Beijing Express, eighth episode: return and sad farewell

In yesterday’s episode of beijing express, the travelers have continued their journey where we left them. The 5 couples actually started out Petra start the last stage in Jordan, but not without being greeted by Enzo Miccio, new conductor disguised as Arab Emir.

With much turban and burgundy velvet tunic, In fact, the wedding planner revealed to the contestants still in the game that they should have achieved pottery and be Hochburg. In the Crusader structure, the fastest ones challenged each other in a test he saw, if only by a hair’s breadth Italy-Brazil defeat jackals.

In the challenge, both teams had to recover pieces of a puzzle hidden in the town’s castle, to then put them together and build a figure in shape chalice.

The couples are then admitted to the country’s capital, amman, where Enzo greeted them along with a mysterious Emir: Costantino della Gherardesca.

Beijing Express: Costantino Della Gherardesca is back

Beijing Express, eighth episode: return and sad farewell

I’m really happy and excited to see you!

said it historical conductor, returned to the program after a few episodes in which he was replaced Miccio. After explaining that it was the couple again two models to triumph, So the nobleman asked the two (not really loved by the public) who they wanted to eliminate between them The Jackals and the Independents finished fourth and fifth respectively.

The two, deciding to prove themselves to the end, sent them home Bugo and Cristian Dondi.

We always played loyal, do our race at the to the best of my ability.

the singer commented satisfied with his Experience.