Beijing Express 2023, what’s changing: news, cast and…

Beijing Express 2023, what’s changing: news, cast and…

After Rai Due’s move to Sky, Beijing Express has lost several viewers. The adventure game directed by Costantino Della Gherardesca, in fact, did not achieve the desired results, and therefore some changes for the next season have already been considered.

Beijing Express 2023 what's changing: news, cast and & # 8230;

The first episode of the latest issue of Beijing Express it was last aired March 10, 2022; To follow him, however, they were alone 433,000 spectators, corresponds to a share of 1.40%.

Gradually, however, the ratings increased the final which generated the highest share stopped 474,000 spectators.

For this reason, according to TvBlog, some things should change in the Sky house, starting with the changeover of the program to one free-to-air network.

Beijing Express: all the news

Beijing Express 2023 what's changing: news, cast and & # 8230;

The next issue of Beijing Express will be broadcast TV8and no more sky one, so everyone can watch the reality show, even who he is not a subscriber.

He will always run the show Costantino Della Gherardesca and even if not much is known about the competitors, thanks to some spoilers that have surfaced on the internet, it seems that the chosen place is the one Laos.

This was revealed by a netizen who put up a sign of the program on the street of one of the Asian cities in question. So the reality show will likely take place there and in neighboring countries such as China, Burma and Vietnam.

According to various rumours, the caste will be very rich this year as well, and indeed it was spoken of Clizia Incorvaiawho was paired with the former partner in the past Francesco Sarcina while he could now return together with his mother-in-law Eleonora Giorgi and one of the most popular duos in recent times consisted of Edoardo Tavassi and Nicolas Vaporidis.

Also the return of Enzo Miccio in the role of conductor or some of last year’s competitors. To find out who’s going to hit Victoria Cabello and Paride Vitalein short, we just have to wait.