Beiçola talks about Tatá Werneck and the poor: “thursday p*”  DOL

Beiçola talks about Tatá Werneck and the poor: “thursday p*” DOL

Actor Marcos Oliveira, best known as Beiçola in Grande Família, recently caused controversy on his Instagram. During a live performance, the actor insulted people he considers “poor and needy.”

“Poor and needy people talk too much. You are trying to find a way to stay calm and focus with your pain and problems and a small person comes to tease you. […] It is a brothel of a farmhouse. It’s about cents. You can’t read properly, but you can take pictures. It’s unbearable that the human being is talking,” he detonated.

+ Beiçola, from Grande Família, asks for money again on the net.

Followers were outraged, and soon the post began garnering a slew of reviews.

“Depressing”, “Unfollowing”, “Better delete this video, it didn’t look good.” Talked a lot of nonsense,” read the comments.

The actor recognized the amount of negative comments and deleted the video.

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financial life

In interacting with a follower, Marcos commented on his poor financial life. The actor opened a question box in his stories to answer questions from fans.

“How is your financial life? Because there are multiple videos where you ask for help, is that true?” asked a follower.

“Healthrelated currently bad. I want to rest and then work!” said the actor.

The comedian got help from Tatá Werneck in May this year, who helped Marcos and moved the internet. He had to undergo multiple surgeries and had no health insurance.

+ “Beiçola” asks for help for the operation and receives a message from Tatá

“Tatá has been very generous to me and is fighting for a health plan. But I have to carry all the other things. Everyone gives what they can. Any amount is welcome.”