Before the snow hits Mariana Gonzalez melts the net with

Before the snow hits, Mariana González melts the net with a fitted white jumpsuit

Mariana Gonzalez Padilla caught the eye in the last few hours on social networks for publishing a publication in which he demonstrated that he is able to raise the temperature even several degrees below zero, because it turns out that the businesswoman also known as is “Mexican Kim Kardashian” highlighted her curves out of the snow with a fitted white jumpsuit. so as expected Vicente Fernández Jr.’s future wife received hundreds of compliments with which she was once again able to confirm herself as one of the most attractive women in all of show business.

The risky release of Mariana Gonzales The question in question was asked through his official Instagram profile, and he not only took advantage of the student’s delight of his thousands of fans, but also took the opportunity to send a strong motivational message by writing the following text, expressing his risky postcards accompanied: “Never be afraid to be yourself. Remember, the original is worth far more than a copy.

Mariana González Padilla melted the web with this fitted look. Photo:IG:marianagp01

As already mentioned, for these hot postcards Mariana González posed lying in the snow, Well, a few days ago he made a trip to Colorado to be able to enjoy the beautiful and icy landscapes that he did not hesitate to squander beauty and sensuality a fitted white jumpsuit, Garment that not only protects her from the intense cold, but also allows her to show off every single one of the curves of her spectacular silhouette, achieved thanks to various cosmetic surgeries and a strict diet.

“The Mexican Kim Kardashian” caused more than one sigh with her risky release. Photo:IG:marianagp01

On a couple of postcards Mariana González posed sitting in the snowhowever, in another of those photos in question He was seen with his back to the camera so that her stunning beauty could be captured from all possible angles and as expected, the compliments from dozens of people started to come. the future wife of Vicente Fernández Jr.

The El Alto businesswoman showed off her every curve. Photo:IG:marianagp01

“You are the most beautiful Mariana”, “Made into Woman”, “As beautiful as ever”, “A true bomb”, “Simply perfect”, “Everything precious”, “A true goddess” and “How much sensuality! ” were some of the compliments he received the controversial participant of “Rica, Famosa, Latina”.

Will Mariana Gonzalez reach OnlyFans?

Various media have been taking care of this for a few weeks Mariana Gonzalez Padillaalso known as “The Mexican Kim Kardashian” is about to make her OnlyFans debut, and that’s because during the reality show “Rica, Famosa, Latina” she swore she wouldn’t look bad if she would make extra money on beauty and sensuality via the famous exclusive content platform and if they asked for it Vincent Fernandez Jr. His opinion on this matter, the singer assured that his future wife had his approval, but was surprised when he assured thisand he would participate in the fiery photo sessions to make them more interesting, which he assured would be a total bombshell.

Vicente Fernández Jr. does not see badly when Mariana González opens an OnlyFans profile. Photo:IG:marianagp01

at presentIt’s not known if the celebrity really intends to venture on OnlyFans or if he just said it to create controversy However, the hit reality show mentioned above is expected to sort out everything regarding their debut in selling exclusive content themselves in the coming days.


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