Before Rafa Kalimann, José Loreto lived a tumultuous breakup and stayed with Sasha Meneghel  Bei dich!

Before Rafa Kalimann, José Loreto lived a tumultuous breakup and stayed with Sasha Meneghel Bei dich!

José Loreto dated other artists besides Rafa Kalimann and had a romance with Débora Nascimento and Sasha Meneghel; meet the others

supposed, Jose Loreto and Raffa Kalimann are living a romance and this Sunday (7) they went to the singer’s show together Caetano Veloso, in Rio de Janeiro. But she’s not the actor’s first girlfriend and we know that very well. Look at old relationships Jose Loreto:

Deborah Nascimento

This couple can’t forget. The artists, parents of bella, 4 years old, they were together from 2016 to 2019 and they talked about the end. Because the reason for the separation, which the actor denied, would have been an alleged betrayal by the handsome man Marina Ruy Barbosa.

Lately Deborah Nascimento commented on the outbreak of Thaila Ayala about women sending nudes to their husbands, Renato Goesand made it clear that this behavior was crucial to the controversial divorce.

“What makes a woman put herself in that role? And more than that, it’s very bizarre to disregard another woman, a marriage, another woman with a 6 month old baby in confinement. Are these people aware that they can? destroy a family? Because I saw it up close…” he mused Thailand.

the mother of bella replied, “You really saw it up close.”

Jose Loreto and Debora Nascimento

Sasha Meneghel

For those who don’t remember, the two were spotted together a few times in 2019 and would be getting to know each other right after the heartthrob split at the time. Jose Loreto even went to New York, where the daughter of Xuxa Live and then they got caught on a motorcycle ride where Sasha Meneghel was on the rump clinging to the cat. But their affair was nothing more than that.

Bruna Lennon

The excouple met on New Year’s Eve 2020 and have always been quite discreet when it comes to romance. In July 2021, there were rumors that they had broken up after a year and a half of relationship.

But in October of the same year Jose Loreto and Bruna Lennon were spotted and photographed kissing in São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro. In addition, in June of this year, the DJ was with the boy and his daughter. bellawalk along the beach.

Jose Loreto and Bruna Lennon

Jose Loreto and Bruna Lennon

Gabi Martins

After the former BBB revealed the actor had already stayed, he denied it, sparking disagreements between the two online. She even demanded the truth from the artist, who went back and confirmed the connection. But in an interview with RedeTV’s TV Fama, Gabi Martins said they had nothing serious.

“He is a wonderful person. I think he just didn’t want to reveal it at that moment. We are friends and life goes on. We are single and have nothing [um com o outro]. I’m single, enjoying, enjoying and 100% focused on my work. I think the world is a bit sexist, people aren’t used to single women who are independent and sometimes unintentionally give away a person who stays,” he said.