Before Maduro’s arrival, Rodríguez Larreta met with a group of Venezuelans

Before Maduro’s arrival, Rodríguez Larreta met with a group of Venezuelans

As part of the arrival of the President of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduroto the peaks of Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), the head of government of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larretahe met with Representatives of the Venezuelan community in Argentina who are critical of the government of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. The PRO presidential candidate expressed his opposition to the presence of the Caribbean President in the country.

“40 years ago, with the return of democracy in Argentina, our country positioned itself at the forefront of defending human rights and democracy in Latin America. Today the government decides to put a dictator at the regional debate table.”, said Rodríguez Larrera, who expressed that “as an Argentine” it “pains” and “worries”. That’s what it demanded “The government must stop being an accomplice to countries violating human rights in the region”. The activity was coordinated by the Secretary General and for International Relations of the city, Fernando Straace.

The meeting took place at Bolívar 1, where the Prime Minister spoke to a group of 15 Venezuelans living in Buenos Aires. Allegedly many of them “They told how they had to leave their country, persecuted by the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro.” Now, More than 173,000 Venezuelans live in Argentina. 70% are located in the city of Buenos Aires, 20% in the suburbs and 10% outside the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires.

“Everyone has life stories, dreams that they left behind to escape the regime and move forward,” said Rodríguez Larreta, who added: “We appreciate them very much and we are proud that they chose Argentina to build their future.” rebuild. I ask that we work together so that all of Argentina is a beacon in defense of democracy and human rights throughout the region.”

They also attended the meeting Elisa Trotta Gamus, founder of the organization Alianza por Venezuela and member of the Argentine Forum for Democracy in the Region; and the Secretary of Public Affairs, Forest Wolff.

Mobilized together for change to reject the presence of Maduro and his ilk in Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Caneland from Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega. The owner of the Pro, Patricia Bullrichpointed out that the Venezuelan President “must be stopped immediately”because he accused him of inspection “Crimes Against Humanity”.

In the same tune that Argentine Forum for Democracy in the Region (FADER) filed a complaint in federal court on Wednesday against Maduro, Díaz-Canel and Ortega over alleged human rights abuses. You signed this complaint Wolffthe national deputies Karina Banfi, Ricardo Lopez-Murphy, Maximilian Ferrari Y Sabrina Achmekhet; the senator Alfred Cornejo; the constitutionalist Daniel Sabsay; the philosopher Santiago Kovadloff; and the human rights leader Graciela Fernandez Meijide.

You too Member of the Radical Citizens’ Union They released their own statement on Thursday, in which they They reject “the presence of Maduro, Díaz Canel and Ortega in our country”.