BBB23: Will Gustavo and Key be the first couple?  Sister asks Agroboy for a kiss  OFoxico

BBB23: Will Gustavo and Key be the first couple? Sister asks Agroboy for a kiss OFoxico

romance mood? It has! And those locked up already know what happens in between gustavo and key alves. There are even those who are betting that the first kiss will take place this Wednesday, January 18th at the party that will have Anitta as an attraction.

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“I made a bet with Key and Cowboy tomorrow. Go tomorrow!” Larissa said at dawn after the live broadcast.

Bruna Griphao agreed with her sister, “You’re ‘shy'”.

Before that, in the fourth aquarium, the Agroboy ran his hand through her hair and key surprised the brother with a request: “Go give me a kiss,” she said.

gustavo approached, and key dodged: “It’s a joke,” said the athlete.

Mariawho was also in the room just watched. gustavo responded, “She thinks we’re going to make out”. key replied, “Let them find it.” MariaThen he gave the clear speech: “I don’t think so, I’m sure.”


Next key and gustavoEverything indicates that the couple is also coming amanda and Antonio face of the shoes.

“What about Sapato and Amanda?” he asked. Gripping. Sarah and join the chat.

PaulaHe expressed his opinion: “For Amanda yes. But not for him now. If she said for her, “Let’s go,” he would say, “Let’s do it,” opined the former Casa de Vidro.

Soon after, Larissa returned to talk about it gustavo and key alves: “This is going to be a great pair,” she said, soon to be confirmed by Bruna Griphao: “I think it has the potential to become the couple,” the actress pointed out.

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BBB23 Will Gustavo and Key be the first couple Sister

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