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BBB23: “What I’ve done doesn’t represent me,” Gabriel says of Bruna Griphao

This Tuesday, January 24 at BBB23of the participants Gabriel Tavares commented on his relationship with sister Bruna Griphao, who received a warning Thaddeus Schmidt. The conversation was between him and his namesake, Gabriel Santana.

“What I’ve done doesn’t represent me as a whole. I’m not a bad guy. But I hesitated. There’s the thing, I told Bruna not to share that guilt,” he began. “I felt really bad because she has a career, a family, I felt really bad thinking about her family. And I hope my family doesn’t get slaughtered out there. It was something my dad said, watch what you say so it doesn’t spill out here,” he said.

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“People on the Discord who wanted to support you said you’re just a boy, there’s no such thing. You’re a grown man. You’re 24 years old. I’m 23 years old. Outside, I keep rethinking the privilege of being a man, of being middle class” Mosca for Gabriel Fop. #BBB23 pic.twitter.com/tRGHBzUYZc— Central Reality #BBB23 (@centralreality) January 24, 2023

“I never wanted to be famous, I came for the prize. If I need to turn off my Instagram, I do that from time to time. But I’m worried about my mother. Do you talk shit to my mother, my grandmother? I was raised by women,” he said.

“I need to become a better person as a person, unfortunately I had to come here to see it,” he concluded.


In just one week of Big Brother Brasil 23, on TV Globo, one of the protagonists of the reality show goes by the name of Bruna Griphao. Along with his partner LarissaShe won the first Leader’s Test and lived an affair with Gabriel, which has been the focus of talks since Tadeu Schmidt warned her about the course of the relationship.

In conversation with The FoxPaulo Kakau, Bruna Griphao’s father, said he tried to follow everything closely and praised Globo’s attitude and Thaddeus Schmidt with the message for the whole house.

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“I think if I had the opportunity to say something, I couldn’t do better than what Tadeu said, for both Bruna and Gabriel. There are no guilty parties in this story, only victims,” ​​he said.

Kakau added that the most important thing is that both his daughter and Gabriel decided to “recalculate the path” of settings in the program.

“Bruna was careless, she came out of a story that didn’t end very well, which I won’t comment on because it’s not up to me, but I’ll give her all the support when she speaks inside. Now she needs friends, someone to accompany her, and after Tadeu’s touch, everyone was touched. She’s getting back to who she is, smiling, I’m suspicious, but anyone who knows her knows she’s authentic, happy and fair,” he said.

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BBB23 What Ive done doesnt represent me Gabriel says of

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