BBB23: “That could be me,” comments Bruna Marquezine Griphao’s attitude

BBB23: “That could be me,” comments Bruna Marquezine Griphao’s attitude

Declared fan of “BBB23”, by TV Globo, Bruna Marquezine followed every second of the program. On Twitter, she even commented on a dance the attendees performed to the sound of the show’s vignette, responding to an attitude from Bruna Griphao. When she saw the video of the brothers rehearsing a choreography and singing, she replied, “Oh, no,” showing that she didn’t agree.

Later, Bruna commented on a video of Bruna Griphao in which she was talking about Jesus Christ and when she heard a song she said a bad word and went dancing. “It could definitely be me and Bruna,” he joked.

Last Saturday, January 14, the festivel Amazing universe, in Marina da Gloria, in Rio de Janeiro. Several celebrities attended the event including Bruna Marquezine and Louise Sonza. The duo met in the dressing room together with the singer Carol Sampaio and Marcella Rica.

The group posed for a photo shoot with different looks and sunglasses. The actress wore a yellow set while the singer wore a silver top and sheer pants. The promoter wore an all pink look while Marcella wore a black and white look.

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At the festival, in addition to Sonza, there were also The paralamas do sucesso, Thiaguinho, lagum, Papatinho, Ze Neto and Cristianoand much more!

Bruna Marquezine and Luisa SonzaLuĂ­sa Sonza and Bruna Marquezine Photo: Thyago Andrade/ Brazilnews

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