BBB23 Participant reveals he suffered sexual abuse at the age

BBB23: Participant reveals he suffered sexual abuse at the age of 13

Ricardo, by BBB23 (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)

Ricardo, by BBB23 (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)

Another sensitive issue came up in the BBB23. While she shaved her head with the help of Cezar Black and was in the bathroom of the house in the company of Bruna Griphao, Ricardo vented about a sexual abuse he suffered in his childhood.

“Bro, I’ve been abused, bro. I already said that in the pool. I was abused by a soccer coach as a kid. I was thirteen years old,” he recalled on Wednesday night (1st).

“Those days I laughed at something that I felt very distressed when I touched it because I remembered what I had been through. It was a joke, we laughed at a video. My wish at the time was to disappear,” he says.

At the center of the program’s biggest controversy yet, the toxic relationship with Gabriel, Bruna commented, “So I think the important thing is to accept the mistake. It happened, accept the mistake and that’s it. I was very sad about what happened to me. In my mind, Gabriel was just talking nonsense. However, this can be interpreted differently.

Outside of the BBB23, Gabriel spoke about the relationship with Bruna

Eliminated last Tuesday (31) with 53.3% of more than 100 million votes, Gabriel attended the “BbatePapo BBB” with Vivian Amorim and Patrícia Ramos and commented on the negative impact of his involvement with Bruna Griphao.

“It’s like him [Tadeu] he said there are things we can’t even say as a joke. And I’m ashamed, I regret saying I would elbow her in the mouth [Bruna] as if I really meant it, which is far from the case,” assured the model, who publicly favored model and activist Domitila Barros (member of the Camarote group) and nurse Cezar Black (part of the Popcorn group) in question asked.