BBB23 Key Alves reveals hes already stayed with Joao Gomes

BBB23: Key Alves reveals he’s already stayed with João Gomes Metropoles

During a conversation with his locked colleagues in the Fundo do Mar room at BBB23, Key Alves revealed that he had already stayed with João Gomes. They spoke about the singer as the sister shared details of the night she spent with the man from Pernambuco in the apartment where she lives.

“Friend, I’ve already been with him,” she revealed, continuing, “He went to my building. He slept and left the next day.”

Key said that residents of the building saw the singer as he left: “I said I was working out and the security guard would come get him later. He decided to leave my building at 10am in the morning when everyone goes to work and pass by. Suddenly I grab my phone to see the condo group and a photo of him there.”

“‘Guys, João Gomes lives here,’ ‘No, I think he has Key,'” she elaborated on residents’ messages when they came across João Gomes.

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