BBB23: “Judge!  They don’t get it,” says Aline Wirley of open marriage

BBB23: “Judge! They don’t get it,” says Aline Wirley of open marriage

One of the great facts about the cast of “BBB23“ is that the overwhelming majority of the participants are available to experience the great love in the most watched house in Brazil, after all they are either single or in an open relationship, which is the case Aline Wirley and Fred Nicocio.

The pair, who are married to Igor Rickli and Fabio Gelonese respectively, commented on the subject over lunch this Tuesday, January 17, when the singer wanted to know if the castmate’s husband was happy with their relationship.

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“He’s happy. We have a super mature, super conversational relationship. Nothing combined is expensive,” assures the doctor. The artist then vented: “Sometimes people judge too much, they don’t understand exactly. And that’s super understandable, because we were formatted to go one way, but it works so well!”

“I know how it works, I know how lucky we are, how much we love each other,” Aline Wirley concluded. “No one needs to understand, the relationship is ours! (…) I live this relationship with my husband because we understand that we have to live,” explained Fred Nicácio.

Aline and Fred Nicácio talk about an open relationship. That they are happy and that there are many layers. 🥰🐛— Aline Wirley at BBB23 🐛 (@fcrougetovrs) January 17, 2023


The big day, which took place last Thursday, January 12th, saw the announcement of the names of the 22 contestants who would be taking part in BBB23. It turns out that, we should remember, two brothers, Fred and Fred Nicácio, share the same name, which could cause some confusion in the future of the game.

However, on the same day, Tadeu Schmidt already told the public at home that he would probably call Fred Desimpedidos Fred and Fred Nicácio Nicácio. But it seems that this fact did not please the administrator in charge of maintaining Fred Nicácio’s social networks, who felt very uncomfortable about it and brought a racist issue to the table.

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“His name is Fred Nicácio. Black people are always made invisible. For a long time we were only known by our last name. He won’t like it and will take a stand, I’m sure!

On social media, netizens responded: “Jesus fuck Christ, it’s not racism or anything, the point is that this Nicácio is a stranger and Fred is Fred, so it’s obvious that Tadeu will prioritize calling him Fred” ; “Today it’s all a matter of problematization, cute Tadeu trying to avoid confusion and this crazy woman already calling him a racist, my god.”

EDIT: admin do @NicacioFred spoke of the decision of #BBB23 naming him Nicácio and reserving Fred for Fred of Desimpedidos. “Black people are always made invisible. For a long time we were only known by our first names. He won’t like it and will take a stand.”#SpaceDoMuka— Muka from outer space 📺🎙️⚠️ (@falamuka) January 14, 2023

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BBB23 Judge They dont get it says Aline Wirley of

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