BBB23: João Guilherme explains fans for former affair

BBB23: João Guilherme explains fans for former affair

João Guilherme may not even have joined Big Brother Brasil this year, but he has already made it clear who his fans will be visiting: the actress Bruna Griphao!

“I kinda love/concern for Bruna on this BBB 23. Amen it’ll work out,” the actor wrote on Twitter.

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I’m kind of in love/concerned for Bruna on this one #BBB23 😅
Amen, this will work 🦏— J҉O҉T҉I҉N҉H҉A҉ (@Joaoguiavila) January 17, 2023

For those who don’t know, Bruna and João already exchanged a few kisses around the time of Carnival 2022 at the CarnaRildy party in Rio Centro, in the Rio West Zone.

Videos of the moment were released at the time by journalist Leo Dias, who detailed that João was struggling to kiss Bruna. but once he had done so, he stayed with her until dawn.


We have arrived at the final dispute over immunity! Now it’s the famous kill the kill between the couples: Bruna Griphao and Larissa; Fred and Richard. Gabriel Santana and Sarah Aline’s eliminations came after winning a tight round in which the sister almost hit the elimination button, but they stayed firm and strong. After her, Sarah couldn’t take it anymore and spoke to the “Pantanal” actor and confessed that she couldn’t take holding the pee anymore.

In the final round, Bruna and Larissa won, sending Fred and Ricardo to punish. The test lasts 11 hours and it seems the brothers are determined to make it to the final hours.


The first night of BBB23 on Monday January 16th was marked by a tsunami of information. Conspiracy, game analysis, weather and even failure in the endurance test ran through the cameras of the global reality show.

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As if it wasn’t enough Thaddeus Schmidt announced that Quarto Secreto is back for the reality show’s first wall. The duo eliminated on the first hot seat remain in space and start a new vote, leaving only one out.

And it doesn’t end there. The immunity test hit early in the morning, separating a whirlwind of emotions from the participants. The Anticipation was a straightforward fraternization debut, but brothers and sisters immersed themselves in the game in very different ways. There was provocation, conspiracy theory and even dislike of other participants.

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A technical failure in the dynamics of immunity was also pointed out. gustavo and key alves were eliminated after anticipating a move. A few minutes later the scenes were analyzed and they returned to dynamics and competed with other constrained ones.

Bruna was visibly upset and reacted to the various insults the pawn made towards his peers while winning several rounds. He quoted the artist while boasting about his win.

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Like the other participants key alves and gustavo They entered BBB23 in chains, forming a duo within the immunity test. Despite flirting during the first day in the house, this relationship can be spoiled before it even begins.

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Farmer and athlete played together and won several rounds. At the first celebration, he couldn’t hold back the laughter, the screams, and even compared himself to Flash. The playmates laughed and joked with Agroboy, but the good relationship didn’t last long.

He repeated the stance in the next round, but was no longer joined by the chorus of his peers who performed very poorly in the game. key noticed something wrong but said nothing. Until the third round came.

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He came back screaming, hitting the couch and jumping at the participants. At that moment, the volleyball player decided to alert her partner. “Keep calm. Celebrate calmly, don’t shout too much because it might look different,” he warned.

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Eliminated first in the dynamic MC Guime, Tine, Marvvilla and Christian lost their chance to participate in the Leader’s Trial. As soon as they returned indoors, they began strategizing. Alone, the four gathered outside and made plans to escape a wall. After all, there is no other way for them to escape the vote in the House of Representatives or the nomination of the chairman. After MC and Christianthe strategy and the search for pairs that can form alliances.

“The thing is to see who even closes with us and go after that not to win votes. If whoever’s with us is a leader, even better!” bets Lexa’s husband.

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He even drew a comparison with the World Cup. The Funkeiro recalled that Argentina lost the first game and became champions. This defeat would strengthen the quartet.

Christian, Tine and Marvvilla I Agree. Previously, the psychologist said that she came to the house to play and wanted to start playing immediately. “They’re going to judge us out there for starting talking about the game so early,” she bet. Will be?

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Whose fault is it?

Caesar and Domitila were the third to fail the challenge test. The duo attempted to provide a rationale for leaving the dispute. According to him, the sister spoke to Cara de Sapato up to the last second before they had to press the button, which ensured they stayed in the game. With her attention on the fighter, she didn’t hit the button when she should have.

“You have to concentrate. It’s focus. You and Shoe Guy talked up to the last second before you pressed the button. And you have to concentrate. The focus here is on the game,” he said.

The sister tried to comfort her colleague by talking about the Leader’s Test. “At least we still have the Trial of the Leader! Now let’s go with everything!” he said. The nurse agreed, reiterating the need not to let distractions get in the way.


We already have a bullshit to call our own! The elimination of key alves and gustavo was eventually reversed when a technical error in the dynamics was detected. With that, the duo returned to the immunity test.

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Once they returned to the test field, which was paired and resilient, key and gustavo were the first in line to hit the totem button. The farmer provoked and sent a direct message to Bruna Griphao.

“I came back, P****! Swallow it, Bruna! p****! Didn’t you say the cowboy was outside? He has returned, my daughter,” he cried.

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BBB23 Joao Guilherme explains fans for former affair

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