BBB23: “God blessed,” says MC Guimê of the day he met Neymar

BBB23: “God blessed,” says MC Guimê of the day he met Neymar

An emotional reportage gripped the home of “BBB23” this Thursday, January 19, as MC Guime details the day he met neymarwho made the list of the best days of his life for the emotional and unexpected way.

He began: “I really believe that nothing is random, everything has a purpose. And that day, God gave me a surreal power to happen. Because when I called my father at dawn, quite happy because I met Neymar, he said: ‘Son, I woke up surprised with your call, but I dreamed that something very good happened to you.’ Then it got screwed up.”

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Later that day, the funk singer went to dinner with a friend and as he was leaving the cafeteria he saw someone resembling the star: “There was a frigging ‘nave.’ [carro de luxo] on my side. there was one [loja de] Convenience. I looked at the convenience, there was a guy with a Neymar smile, a lot of people around, the security…”

The friend doubted it was Neymar but Guimê kept believing: “God blessed him. It went out [da loja] Ney and the kids who are sticking by me today. They probably finished shopping and walked away. there [imita barulho de assobio]. I’ve already looked. there [pediram]: ‘Take a picture with the ‘friends’ here’. the ney [pediu]! I said, ‘I want to take a picture with you, brother!’”


After this fan moment, MC Guimê said that Neymar added him on Instagram and planned to publish the photo taken between them the next day. The athlete ended up posting the click himself, leaving Lexa’s husband emotional.

“That’s when this relationship started. I got to know her friends, and those friends became my friends too. And thank God the man threw a little party several times, he [pedia]: ‘Coke!’” he said.

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“These experiences I had with him are even frightening. This ‘brother’ is much more ‘thousand degrees’ than many people imagine. This guy’s energy is p*ca, his light is f*da. He is humility, the child is a warrior. He is where he is because he deserves it,” concluded MC Guimê.

Still, the funk singer confirmed that he composed “País do Futebol,” a feat with Emicida, a song that quotes Neymar in the lyrics and that became one of the biggest hits of his career after that moment.

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BBB23 God blessed says MC Guime of the day he

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