BBB23 Find out who won the individual Angels Proof and

‘BBB23’: Find out who won the individual Angel’s Proof and who will be the monster of the week

The test took place on Saturday afternoon, March 28th

Jan 28, 2023 4:29 p.m

(updated at 4:51 p.m.)

Ricardo won the Prova do Anjo

Ricardo won the Prova do Anjo

Photo: Playback/TV Globo

Ricardo “Salad” won the second Angel’s Proof from Big Brother Brazil 23the first singles, this Saturday afternoon the 28th. He was the brother who finished the challenge with the second best time in the first phase of testing and in the last dispute was the first to find the two cards and press the button.

In addition to him, 11 other brothers took part in the McDonald’s Angel Test: Key Alves, Marvvila, Fred Nicácio, Tina, Bruna Griphao, Paula, Aline Wirley, Cristian, Fred, Cezar and Sarah Aline.

That left them out of the fray: Gabriel, Domitila Barros, MC Guimê, Larissa, Gustavo, Gabriel Santana, Amanda and Bruno, and the leader of the week, Cara de Sapato

Wearing numbered vests and safety gear, the brothers had to complete a series of activities and whoever finished in the shortest amount of time took the chain of immunity. The test was twostage and individual.

the first phase It was the Bravo Bacon Salad Circuit. Cezar and Ricardo were the two fastest players and played the final stage where they had to find two cards in a pool and then press the button. Whoever won and got the necklace was Ricardo.

With the win, Ricardo gained 300 appearances, while Cezar won 200 appearances in runnerup.

Who is the monster of the week?

Ricardo had to point out two people who are “bags without handles”. The two offenders, dressed as suitcases, must hold the handle that fell down the whole time, and at the sound signal they will go to the luggage compartment on the lawn, waving their anger nonstop.

Each penalized loses 300 bets and whoever belongs to the VIP goes to Xepa. The punished were Gabriel Santana and Domitila Barros.

How was the first phase of the test

• Key Alves was the first to make the round. The sister finishes the race in 48.402 seconds;

• Next came Marvvila, who completed the lap in 77.854 seconds;

• Third to enter the competition was Fred Nicácio. The Doctor completed the lap in 45.206 seconds;

• Then it was Tina’s turn. The model pressed the button in 51,182 seconds;

• The fifth competitor was Bruna Griphao, who completed the Prova do Anjo in 32.898 seconds;

• Cezar was the sixth brother to complete the round. He finished in a time of 29.228 seconds;

• After Cezar, it was the turn of biomedical scientist Paula. She completed the course in 33.190 seconds;

• Cristian was the eighth competitor, completing the lap in 61.948 seconds;

• Right now, Ricardo made the circuit. The biomedical landed in 31,678 seconds;

• The tenth competitor was Aline Wirley, who finished the course in 50.828 seconds;

• Then it was Sarah Aline’s turn. The sister finished the timer with 45.028 seconds;

• Fred was the last brother to pass the first phase of the test. He completed the course in 55.638 seconds;

• Due to a production error, Cezar had to repeat the exam and finished the circuit 30,242 seconds.

Find out what the second phase was like

• With the best times in the first phase, Cezar and Ricardo were counted for the final;

• The two had to find two cards in a pool;

• Ricardo found the cards the quickest and pressed the button.

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