BBB23: “Caretas  by Aline Wirley becomes the topic after Bruno’s lines

BBB23: “Caretas by Aline Wirley becomes the topic after Bruno’s lines

THE “Big Brother Brazil” This year started out differently: the brothers were a couple and that’s it, we won’t always like the duo the audience chose. Some showed that they are in complete harmony and love to praise each other, others do not try to hide that they were not very happy. The singer Aline Wirley Is one of them. The internet has already noticed that she doesn’t enjoy the group that Bruno comes to, and even if she only verbalizes it in the confessional and keeps her mouth shut, you can tell from her facial expressions that she is dissatisfied with the way her brother is being treated.

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She went viral on social media with some phrases and moments and gave us everything we wanted. An example is this moment where Bruno the firewood comes down Maria, and the nurse interrupts the conversation, but since they are chained, she has to stay put and listen to everything. She didn’t dress up and the internet didn’t forgive:

They recalled that an iconic participant of “A Fazenda”, Lidiane, was also like that and compared the behavior of the two, because expression is clearly on them!

They also prophesied that when Aline lets go of Bruno’s chains she will play Joelma and do this:

Aline’s official profile also captured some moments of just looking, and when confronted with the lovely meter, the singer was static and saw everything she received:

Here the profile used a fanmade static in which she appears with great personalities like Dua Lipa and Gretchen along with Jean Gray from the XMen. The moment was when her partner started talking and she put her hands on her head and created this moment:

And the joke continued as the public recalled recent statements from members of the group suggesting they all had a conflict with Luciana Andrade:

Netizens noticed that already in the Game of Discord they didn’t have a good synergy and were contradictory to choose a duo they don’t tune in to. Yesterday’s live produced this moment:

I bring to your attention the disagreements between Aline and Bruno in this Game of Discord. This duo is the least visible in tune. They disagreed about this stupid affinity dynamic. That says a lot about how they will thank God when they are apart. #BBB23

— Dieguinho (@diegoschueng) January 18, 2023

Netizens also wondered if she shouldn’t have said that she was less in tune with her duo and that they would pass on that shawl:

ME TOO !!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

— Gusttavo Losi (@gusttavolosi) January 18, 2023

Is the sister’s look a cry for help? It could be:


Aline Wirley is linked to Bruno, but that doesn’t mean he’s the “singer’s best friend” in the game. During this Wednesday’s Xray (18), the singer gave the brothers some heart and plant symbols and, when she stopped by Bruno, spoke of their duo.

“In terms of Bruno… guys, Bruno challenges me a lot because we’re very different,” he said.

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“He’s very fast and I try to stay calm, watch the game. Our life together is challenging me a lot, but that’s it, so I’ll give him ‘Cookie’ at that point in the game and we’ll see how it goes from now on,” he added.

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For the most voted duo for “biggest tune” in the first Game of Discord, held on the night of Tuesday January 17th Fred Nicocio and Maria managed to “break up” and get rid of the “handcuffs” that had bound them since they entered the house.

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In the room, they talked about the negative plaques they received in the dynamic. There were two votes as “deepest melody duo”, awarded by Bruna Griphao and Larissaand Paula and Gabriel.

“We received the (negative) plaques as a pair. But were they for me or for you?” asked the doctor. Marília admitted that some participants didn’t get along with her: “I can tell that some people look the other way from me here”.

Fred Nicácio summed it up: “Well… But they don’t deviate from me. It’s something with you, not with me. A lot of these little plaques weren’t for me, they were for you. That was clear,” assured the brother.

And he concluded: “These perceptions are individual, not those of the duo. Now that we’re apart, it’s even more visible. Everyone sees how we interact individually.”

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BBB23 Caretas by Aline Wirley becomes the topic after Brunos

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