BBB23: Bruna Griphao Questioned About Alleged Treason And Responds

BBB23: Bruna Griphao Questioned About Alleged Treason And Responds

Bruna Griphao
Bruna Griphao Reproduction/Globoplay Writing Observatório dos Famosos

01/18/2023 09:58

Bruna Griphao was placed almost against the wall inside BBB23in the early hours of this Wednesday (18) after being questioned about a alleged controversy surrounding his private life: Is it over there was made globo actress cheating on her ex boyfriend with three men.

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At the time, the sister was almost directly approached on the subject during a conversation with Larissa and was visibly uncomfortable with the controversial agenda, which went viral in the media weeks before the confinement.

“I seem to have read something about a girl I dated… I don’t know, I don’t even know if it’s you,” the Pipoca team member shot. “I already know what you’re going to say. You’re even scared. I don’t know, it could also be. So much has happened in my life, so bizarre,” Bruna Griphao replied. ‘, better not. People reveal things,” Larissa said.

According to information from the columnist Leo Dias of the portal Metropoles, a famous global actress cheated on her boyfriend three times with three different men. Punctual, Bruna Griphao was secretly dating Rafael Monteiro. The termination, in turn, was sealed before the blonde was arrested.

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